Denis Liang



Instagram: @d3d3d3


I am Denis Liang, born portuguese with chinese descent.

Since early childhood I have been interested in arts. What started as an interest in drawing and painting led me to experiment with classical and modern art mediums in high school, like sculpture, street art, video, etc. 

Through my studies in architecture school I picked up photography as a way to view houses and buildings, and later on teaching myself to use this medium to view the world.

Artist Statement

As a portuguese born with chinese background, I visited family in China frequently. I had the opportunity to learn about the differences in the lives, surroundings and aesthetics of these two worlds. I always found these contrasts most intriguing and this curiosity prevails in the nature of my work. 

Through my studies in architecture, I found value in the normality of our surroundings and the vernacularity in architecture. I work with the touches and interactions left by people in their day to day lives, be it by design or care-free actions. My work focuses on showing the intrinsic aesthtics of these actions and creating a situational appeal like brushstrokes in the constantly changing world.

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